Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Tuesday 17th December

Time is flying past this month, the month is half way past already, and come to think of it in a fortnight's time, the end of the month and the end of another year, and in between Xmas has to fitted in as well, think of all those extra pounds that we will put on, and so easily too, not so easy to loose.... Bird news is scarce today, down on Loch Indaal, the usual culprits were around with Wigeon down at Gartmain. With the full moon last night and some of the geese used it to graze while it was light, net result was that they were roosting up around the head of Loch Indaal, having said that no sign of a White tailed Sea Eagle out on the wing looking for some easy prey... On the weather front, the wind has started to pick up and it is a lazy wind too, just going straight through you, better wrap up to keep warm tomorrow!!! The birds on the feeders today did not waste any time in devouring their food that was put out, another sure sign that the temperature is set to drop a few degrees...

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