Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Wednesday 22nd May

Yesterday George had the Corncrake calling again down across the road from the oil depot at Bruichladdich, on the shore there was a Turnstone in summer plumage, Up on his ponds, George saw a Moorhen, heard a Sedge Warbler as well as some Whimbrel calling. He also had seen a pr of Greylag with young goslings. Last night we took the oppotunity to go out and listen for any calling Corncrakes as it was not too windy, a wise decision as the wind is stronger this evening. Here on our section, we had 9 in all, not bad really as it is early days... James today had seen a Buff breasted Sandpiper along the flats at Gruinart. Bob tonight also commented on noticing more Lapwing around at present. He was also saying that he was seeing more Whinchats compared to previous years.

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