Thursday, 29 November 2012

Thursday 29th November

Another great day out here, it may be a bit cool, but I really should not complain as long as it stays dry. Come to think of it more dry days already back on Islay than I had in total in my stay away.... James yesterday had 2 Yellowhammers on the reserve at Gruinart and a count of 515 Lapwings. He also carried a goose count for the reserve with scores on the doors tallying at 13,825 Barnies, 377 Whitefronts, 27 Greylags and the Red breasted goose was present too. The figures from the goose count earlier this month were the 3rd highest Barnacle Goose count since 2000, but again the Whitefronts appear to be low, but early days yet as I believe they can peak a little later in some years. Coming back home last night, there was a Barn Owl out hunting in around the same place as the other evening, along this side of Sunderland Farm. Today, over at Gruinart, we had a Sparrowhawk fly off with its prey in its' talons, a lbj, sorry folks to end on a sad note to tonight's entry.

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