Thursday, 21 June 2012

Thursday 21st June

Penny and Jenny who are up for the week from Cardiff had gone over to Colonsay for the day yesterday and had seen a Golden Eagle while over there. Armin on his travels around Islay, in the past 24 hours has seen 3 different male Hen Harriers, one on the reserve at Gruinart, another down close to the golf course at The Machrie and the third Harrier close to Sunderland Farm. Here at home yesterday morning, over at the cottages, there were a pair of Siskins on the bird feeders, and late this afternoon, there were 37 Jackdaws feeding on some food which was present. Full marks to our Hydro board who have put "scarers" on the overhead power lines down at Sunderland Farm in the field where several Whooper Swans came to grief last Autumn.

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