Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Wednesday 28th December

Hope you are not looking for many sightings from Islay tonight, as the weather has been against us and the birds too, lots of Greenfinches on the bird table today, no Goldfinches, plenty Chaffinches, no Siskins, but the odd Starling seen, a single Robin, single Coal Tit, Great Tits and a few Blue Tits to report. Come think of it there have no been many House Sparrows around for a few days... The weather today, well, no ferries, no planes, no post, and for an hour this afternoon, no electricity. It was an experience trying to stand while watching the big seas down at Machir Bay, and you had to keep a hold of your hat!!! The blog has been done before the power goes down again as the lights are flickering a bit...

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