Wednesday 19 October 2011

Wednesday 19th October

Carl in the wee sma' hours early this morning, while he was tapping away on his keyboard, when most mortal folk would have been sleeping, heard Whooper Swans flying over Port Charlotte..... Not to outdone, role reversal, I went down just after 7.30am (Carl might have still be asleep then!) and checked the field at Rockside. Right enough the greatest bulk had gone, with only about 50 Swans remaining between the field and those on the lochans. The Swans that were present were quite unsettled and sure enough they too were all away to Ireland. The film crew had seen them moving off in the grey dark yesterday evening and some sight it was, wonder if they got any footage of the Swans leaving? Today, the field has been taken over by a mass of Geese, a mixture of mainly Barnies along with some Whitefronts there too. The Greylags are around too. The film crew had seen a Golden Eagle out over the Geese on another field yesterday at Rockside, just generally being disruptive and putting the Geese up rather than hunting! The light coloured Bar tailed Godwit had been seen by a visitor up at Ardnave again yesterday.

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