Thursday 1 April 2010

Thurs 1st April

Well, the weather here today has been a great improvement on the previous day, and more importantly, we have electricity again, thanks to James for writing the entry last night! It was odd how many times I came through and moved the "mouse" to see if there was any new e mails in, it took some time for the penny to drop there was still no electricity. Full marks to the lads who were out giving us power again, be it at just after midnight.
Tracey emailed the figures through for the Goose count carried out on Tuesday and Wednesday, in all there were 30,032 Barnies and 4,359 Whitefronts. The figures are down quite a bit on last week, but Malcolm reckons this due to the weather rather than Geese moving North. Thanks again Tracey for the figures.
Talking of birds migrating, Tony the Whooper Swan, still is here on Islay, and possibly up on Ardnave, at least going by the map on the web, it appears to be Ardnave Loch.
The Daffodils up the drive took a battering with the wind and are looking a sorry state, as are the few Primroses that were out.

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