Friday, 10 July 2009

Fri 10th July

Another great day, infact I do not think that there has been any rain at all this last week, but according to the weather forecast there is a change coming in tomorrow afternoon. While going on a short walk round the crag this evening, a Grasshopper had a close call as it landed on my arm, and instinctively I went to crush it as I thought it was another Cleg, but luckily for the Grasshopper I looked for once!
In many ways, this summer has been good for birds being successful in rearing broods of youngsters, but here at home I feel that the same cannot be said for the House Martins, some of the nests have fallen down, whether the mud has been too dry when the nest has been built. Another thought is possibly that the mix is wrong, and that the soil here is has a higher sand content, and so not binding together the same. Certainly other sites, especially at one house up towards Ardnave, it looks like being another good year there.

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