Thursday, 5 February 2009

Thurs 5th Feb

The Sea Eagle was seen again today at the top of Loch Indaal, fairly close to where it was yesterday. It was seen by Malcolm Ogilvie and John Armitage on their way out this morning to start today's Goose count. The bird certainly did not have any wing tags, and appeared to be eating it's prey, whatever that may have been, but definitely a bird by the sound of things!
George had 140 Greylag geese, 60 Whitefronts and 1 Pinkfooted goose in his fields this morning, but no Barnies! GJ
The lesser Canada Goose still remains over at Gruinart, and James this afternoon had 21 Fieldfare in one of the fields below his house. JRH
Back to Malcolm again, and he had seen an Iceland Gull at Bruichladdich, and later on ,the Glaucous Gull was at Glenburn again. MOA
Jeremy Hastings reported in to say that had seen several Snipe over the last few days near to Gartloist.

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