Sunday, 28 December 2008

Sun 28th Dec

Outside tonight, as I write the blog, the stars to be be seen are something else, no clouds and no light pollution just a blanket of stars to be seen all around. It was the same last night and then we were fortunate to see a shooting star earlier in the evening and a further two later on.
Malcolm has returned from his trip to Antarctica, and e mailed in at lunchtime to say that he had a couple of Whooper Swans flying high, up Loch Indaal, and another six later. James had also nine at Ardnave yesterday, while I had the family group of 4 on Wednesday. Surely these are not birds returning from Ireland already!
And now for a harmless plug, checkout and if you look at the section relating the For Argyll Awards 2009, you can vote away in the various categories. Any votes much appreciated by those involved....

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