Monday 6 October 2008

Mon 6th Oct

All good things come to an end, yes, the weather has broken down again.... Yesterday, we had a good day whereas down South it was wet, well today it is a reversal with us having the rain and them having the better weather, but that's the way it goes!
It was interesting to watch the geese down on one of the barley stubbles at lunchtime today, there were Barnies, some Whitefronts and a few Greylags to be seen, and after scanning through for the possible rarity, it was time to head home. Up to that point the whole flock were quite settled and it was not until we started to move that they decide to fly off, but the interesting thing to note was that it was only the Barnies that took to the wing. I feel that this year, the geese have quickly left the head of Loch Gruinart and are out to some of the fields quicker than they have done in previous years.
There were 30 Pale bellied Brent at Bowmore and another flock further out in the loch but a count was difficult due to the swell on the sea, but I reckon that there were another 60 or thereabouts. There were a few Pintail amongst the Mallard and Wigeon at Gartmain and some Eider further on.

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