Friday 28 September 2007

Mon 24th Sept - Thurs 27th Sept

Well, the Paisley correspondent has returned from his hospital stay, not so many Magpies to be seen this time, even although I was in for almost 2 months, I was not really in form to do much bird watching! On return here on Tuesday evening, we had 2 Ringtails between the airport and Bowmore, and while Margaret was in the Co-op in Bowmore doing some last minute shopping a Peregrine flew overhead. It's great to be home, words cannot really explain..... At this point I would like to thank James R. How for kindly keeping the blog going in my absence.
The birdlife here is tremendous, we do not really appreciate it until you have been away for a spell. Today, Thursday, there were 20 Barnacle Geese, and 8 Whitefronted Geese along with over 500 Greylag on one of the the small lochans beside Loch Gorm, while up at Ardnave the were 2 Whooper Swans. I.K.B.
Over at R.S.P.B. Loch Gruinart Reserve, this week, there have been a further movement through of Geese, Monday had 148 Pale Bellied Geese, Tuesday a show of 53 Pale Bellied Geese along with 20 Barnacle Geese (? same group as noted at Loch Gorm area on Thursday?) while on Wednesday there were 9 Whooper Swans. J.R.H.


Armin said...

Welcome back home!

Best news for a long time!

Unknown said...

Great to have you back on Islay Ian.