Sunday 26 August 2007

Mon 14th August to Sun 26th August

Since the last posting the hills of Islay have gradually turned purple. Over the last two years the heather on the Island has suffered badly from heather beetle. This year it has recovered well. The Island looks resplendent in its coat of purple.
Of birds and beasts: An otter and 2 cubs was seen from the Port Charlotte to Portnahaven road on 14.08 (MC). Still in the south of the Island the basking shark, that was first seen off Port Charlotte some weeks ago is still in the area, but has moved south around the Portnahaven area. At Gruinart barn owls have been showing well 16.08 and 21.08, also at Gruinart an elephant hawk moth caterpilar and lots of dragonflies especially common hawkers 21.08 (JRH). On the 24.08 a peregrine, 2 shoveler and 6 snipe were seen at Gruinart. On the 25.08 on the north Rhinns lots of manx shearwaters and gannets were offshore, a whimbrel flew over heading south and a hummingbird hawk moth! was seen.

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