Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Tuesday 12th September

Yesterday, Peter had seen a Wheatear when he was over at Glenegedale..
Today the weather improved quite a bit, no rain until after lunchtime and a few showers after that, and oh yes a power cut for almost 3 hours, power back on in time to make the tea, and better still, in time for me to write the blog, well done the local engineers who sorted the problem out..
JD has been out and about.. At Portnahaven,  he had seen 9 Turnstone, Bruichladdich held 94 Ringed Plover and a further 6 Turnstone. At Gortan, Jim had 2 Arctic Tern, 27 Common Scoter, 2 Slav. Grebes, 2 male Greater Scaup, and 4 RTDs. Along at Bridgend Merse, 2 Barnies along with the hybrid Canada Goose x white Greylag goose were present. Round at Gartnatra, 11 Blackwits were seen. At Gruinart, Jim saw 2 juv Ruff, 3 imm Pintail, 3 Wheatear and 2 Whooper Swan. Up at Coille, 2 Sparrowhawks were harassing a Buzzard and Jim saw another Sparrowhawk at Coultorsay.

Above are some of the flock of House Sparrows, Linnet and Twite that were on the game crop this afternoon, at one time I counted 131 lbjs in the air before they dropped in to the seed heads.. Earlier on, I had counted 36 Goldfinches up on the big niger feeder and around the other feeders. Oh yes, I managed to finish cutting the grass as well, another job done for the time being.

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