Sunday, 3 September 2017

Sunday 3rd September

You might want to search somewhere else tonight if you want to read about Islay's birds as today has been a total washout with wall to wall rain, not a lot but enough to keep me inside all day... I have not crossed the doorstep today. One person who might be pleased is JD, as I completed off the data base records for Islay for August and e mailed them to him...
Our good friend Marsali sent through her rainfall figures at Mulindry for August. Her tally was higher than last year for August, coming to 149 mm, or  5.96 inches, if you still think of the rainfall in imperial measurement... Thanks again Marsali.   The forecast for the week does not bode well either, with more rain forecast, say no more. Might have some birds for you tomorrow, no promises!!!

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