Monday, 11 September 2017

Monday 11th September

This poor spell of weather, not to beaten, I tried to cut the grass with varying amounts of success, got some cut, not a lot, but on the downside, the rain stopped play 3 times, mind you I did manage each time to stop before getting too wet!!!
JD thought otherwise and went out to carry out a spot of sea watching at first light, but the weather beat him there.... but he had seen other birds while out and about later on..  A Wheatear at Kilnave, 6 Golden Plovers at Gruinart, along at Coullabus over 50  Pied and White Wagtails were present. Down at Gortan, a Sparrowhawk was seen , off Carnain,  6 Knot with 2 Arctic Terns and a count of 22 Common Scoter between there and Bowmore. Tomorrow might be better, fingers crossed!!!

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