Friday, 1 September 2017

Friday 1st September

Well, that is August out of the way again, the tally here for the rain came to 4.4inches, almost 2 inches less than last year at the same time, time for that to change very quickly, let's hope the farmers get a chance to get their harvest in before it gets too wet...
Yesterday, Mike and Peter had a count at Bridgend Merse and the surrounding mud flats as the tide was outish... birds seen came to 2  Sanderling, 55 Ringed Plover, 178 Dunlin, 227 Oystercatcher, 251 Curlew, 3 Knot, 29 Wigeon and 29 Barwits. Today they had done an hour down at Frenchman's Rocks where their birds were as follows : 181 Manx Shearwater, 201 Gannet, 29 Fulmar, 7 Kittiwake, 38 Shag (all perched on Frenchman's rocks),  17 Razorbill, 15 Awk sp., 1 Tystie, 1 dark phase Arctic Skua, and a Sand Martin in off the sea!! David Formby had been up round Ardnave today noting the following, 24 Chough, 4 Curlew (inland), around 40 Linnet, a pair of Ringed Plover with a very young pulli, and 2 Dunlin. Coming back down from Ardnave, he followed a Sparrowhawk along the road for around 100 yards.. Here at home, Margaret had 3 Wrens and a young Robin at the back of the garage this morning, and late afternoon, directly over the house a couple of Buzzards were wheeling around in a thermal. 

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