Thursday, 28 July 2016

Thursday 28th July

A not bad day with the weather today, and the sun is streaming in through the big gable end window, so I will try to write tonight's entry before getting blinded out...
Bob, yesterday had seen several Stonechats with fledglings as he took a walk up Bolsay Moor. Here at home yesterday, it is not only the "wee birds" that are enjoying the cover crop, as I have been seeing a more frequent visit of a  male Hen Harrier quartering over the crop, no doubt looking for some of the wee birds to prey upon.... I also had seen the Whitethroats and also Willow Warblers on the seed heads again. David Formby had a spell looking out over the crop this morning, and had seen 16 species in just over an hour including a total of 7 Linnets feeding on the crop, 2 Sand Martins flew past with  6 Swallows hawking over the pond. This morning, we saw a ringtail Hen Harrier close to Saligo, another at Culbuie, and then a third one as we came up to Rock Mountain.

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