Sunday, 17 July 2016

Sunday 17th July

Due to the poor weather yesterday, there were not many birds around, hence no entry for Saturday...
Today, it has mainly been dry with the odd spot of rain from time to time, the sky is overcast, it is past mid July already, so can we have some warmer, better weather again please, I am surely not asking for too much... vote for the "sunshine party" on your next voting sheet!!
This evening, I watched a male Hen Harrier as it hawked back and forward over the trees down beside our old house before  veering away over towards Rockside. There was a Linnet on one of the thistle heads this morning, a Wren was hopping along the dyke and then a Willow Warbler appeared soon after. Just after spotting the Hen Harrier this evening, when scanning through the wee birds on the feeders, there was House Sparrow with a ring on its leg and then another was there as well, a different bird as the "new" bird had a stumpy tail. Mid afternoon, the 2 Ravens were having a tussle with a Peregrine out over the crag, no winners there, as they all flew away unscathed!!!

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