Saturday, 2 July 2016

Saturday 2nd July

Many thanks to Michal for writing the blog in my absence, I even forgot to write an entry last night, mind you I was rather tired out after our trip away to Svalbard, a great time was had by all and yes, we saw Polar bears, including one with 3 cubs, a rare sight indeed, never seen in 25 years by the ship's captain!!! Blue Whales, King Eiders, Walrus, the list goes on, might get some images for you yet!!! Thoroughly recommend the trip
Back on Islay, Gary yesterday, had seen an Osprey take a trout out of Loch Gorm before flying off with it....Peter Donaldson had an Otter in Tarbert Bay on Jura on Friday and this morning had seen had seen  Chough  and also some Ravens while walking between Kilchiaran and Machir Bay past Granny's Rocks.

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