Friday, 6 September 2013

Friday 6th September

Been a great day out here today, but just a wee while ago there was a heavy shower of rain and now the sun is out again although there is a grey sky, the light is something else, going to be another great sunset. Earlier on, there was a bunch of folk over at Saligo out with their surfboards..... As you may have gathered, not much on the  bird front tonight...On one of the stubble fields at Rockside there were around 500 Greylags, on the telegraph wires, some more young Swallows around, and also the last few days more young Goldfinches around as well. There was a small group of 9 Chough fly low overhead at lunchtime, just being nosey, and noisy at the same time as there can be sometimes, just keeping an eye on what's going on!!

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