Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Wednesday 30th January

The wind last night did drop down, thank goodness and today, better still it dried up, although according to the weather forecast, there is some more rain due tomorrow. We are not much different in rainfall to January 2012, but depending on how much falls tomorrow, we could easily beat it! On to some birds then. Mary this morning had a Barn Owl along the flats at Gruinart as she came into work. Yesterday she saw a Sparrowhawk at Bushmills, the offices at Gruinart. Going up to Ardnave the other day, Mary noticed 2 Brambling and also 2 Yellowhammer amongst the Chaffinch flock present. Mary also had 12 Reed Bunting along the same road. Going home, the past few evenings, in the dusk Mary has been seeing some Woodcock along the verge sides.

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