Monday, 28 January 2013

Monday 28th January

Not a great day out here, as I write the wind outside is howling around, in the wee sitting room, the wind in the lum (chimney) is rather noisy! As predicted last night, when we entered our birds online the chaffinch figure was queried, may be it is because of all the bags of food which all the birds consume. As it was so windy last night I actually took the feeders down as they were getting blown about, mind you I just spread the food on the ground for the birds to feed on, which they did. One of the followers of the blog e mailed in with his sightings in the hour, one Blue Tit, I bet that was a long hour!! Down on the Oa today, Dave had 7 Whooper Swan on Loch Kinnabus, 2 Golden Eagle on reserve and a "tame" Redwing close to the house! Tomorrow night, we (the Islay bird nerds!) are all off to the Golden Dragon in Bowmore for a meal, so if there is anyone over feel free to come, meet  and eat with us at 7 pm. Other visitors who have met with us before enjoyed themselves....

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