Saturday, 6 June 2020

Saturday 6th June

Armin sent through the following birds seen down South, not on Islay....

"Interesting sighting this morning: At the wooden footbridge crossing the canal during my daily morning walk I spotted three Grey Wagtails. Usually I only see one or two at that spot. An invader from somewhere else? Will there be a fight over the territory?

In other news:

Yesterday morning, a Heron stayed put on the other side of the canal when I walked past, usually they fly away when I approach.

Today, a Heron flew past me quite close along the canal. It was coming the other way, flying along the canal. When it spotted me it seemed like it was briefly pondering, should I turn off to get away from the human or just continue along the canal? It decided to continue along the canal, giving me a nice view of it flying along."
Thanks Armin...

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