Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Wednesday 28th February

Gary had a juvenile White tailed Eagle over Ballygrant yesterday. Today, he saw a Golden Eagle displaying over Stioasha, along at Finlaggan 5 Buzzards were displaying. Later on, Gary had 2 Snow Bunting down at Carnain. Visiting birders, Pat and Angie Fowler from East Yorkshire sent though some birds they have had so far, on Sunday, they saw an Iceland Gull at West Carrabus and up towards Sanaigmore, a Hen Harrier. Yesterday they saw a ringtail Hen Harrier at Lower Cragabus, as well as  Twite at Kinnabus. A flock of Golden Plover were seen at Leorin. This morning, when he was driving to his work, Phill, had an immature White tailed Eagle flying low across the road at Mid Cragabus.

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