Monday, 12 February 2018

Monday 12th February

Just to get you all in the mood for tonight's entry, please read the first paragraph of yesterday's blog, as the weather here was similar to yesterday, although I actually met a snowplough / gritter on our road before 9 am!!! The whole of the snowplough looked rather new with its' yellow paint still pristine... Pity they could not sort the potholes on the roads, say no more!!!
The Rochdale birders had ben out again, yes I spotted them. They saw a ringtail Hen Harrier over the merse as they approached Bridgend. Over at Kildalton cross, they heard a Great spotted Woodpecker drumming away on the trees nearby, and they also saw 10 Yellowhammers on the feeders in the middle of the game crop beside Calum's, the head gamekeeper's house just along the road, still on Ardtalla Estate. On their way back home, they saw 2 Snipe at Carnain. Distillery Dave had a ringtail Hen Harrier below Sunderland, on his way home from his work at Kilchoman Distillery.

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