Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Wednesday 14th February

Just as well that I went out in the dark last night and took down our 2 big bird feeders as they might have been down on the ground this morning, smashed to pieces. Yes, it was quite windy. The ferries had ben cancelled this morning with a rescheduled timetable, sailing later on in the afternoon and early evening offering any hardy soul a chance of a bumpy sail across to Islay... Doubt if they sold much food, the chefs would not have been that busy!!!
The Rochdale birders today had braved the elements, up behind Port Charlotte, close to Gearach, they had counted 84 Whitefronts and down beside the War memorial at Port Ban below Coultorsay , over 40 Curlews were present. Mid afternoon as they drove over the hill from Gruinart, between Grainel and the former Kilchoman school, they saw a ringtail Hen Harrier sitting on a fence post.

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