Thursday, 9 November 2017

Thursday 9th November

Peter returned home yesterday from leading 2 back to back tours in Oz and then visiting family in New Zealand. He wasted little time, on his return, seeing the Lesser Whitethroat on the feeders in Martin's garden. He also saw the 2 Little Egret at Bridgend.
This morning, we saw 2 Red Grouse on the road while driving over Loch Gruinart. They were on the grit in the centre of the road up past the Culbuie road end. They were loathe to move, I had to stop and blow the horn at them, to get them fly out of the road. Needless to say no camera with  us... Instead you can make do with another of George E Jackson's birds that he caught in the nets here last week, the first Blue Tit that we have caught and rung here

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