Thursday, 23 November 2017

Thursday 23rd Novembr

Back on Sunday, Louise had seen a Magpie behind her home at Gatehouse up towards Tarbet on Jura. David Wood on Sunday had seen a Black throated Diver at Kilnaughton Bay, and he had a Cackling Goose at Kinnabus  and a count of 330 Twite and also 4 Brambling seen there as well. Yesterday Mike counted a couple of rafts of GND totalling 131 birds as they were going into the roost off Laggan Point between 15.30 and 16.40 on Loch Indaal. Because of the poor weather on Tuesday, the count for the International Goose count was not carried out, but Andrew Kent sent the figures from Wednesday's tally.. The totals were as follows, 48,336 Barnies, 4,877 Whitefronts and 880 Greylags. Jams had carried out the Gruinart stint, so his count in the total figure came to 16,244 Barnies, 546 Whitefronts, and 29 Greylags. Thanks to Andrew and his team or these numbers. Louise had counted 80 Barnies fly over from Inver on Jura over to Islay this morning. Ed Burrell had a Carrion Crow the other day on the Oa. Ed was saying to me this morning, that he has caught, rung and fitted collars to a further 25 Whitefronts, 5 with transponders, the rest with neck collars. The team from WWT had also fitted neck collars to 24 Greylags as well. Armin had seen the overhead power lines being weighed down by a good number of Rooks along with some Jackdaws, below Carrabus.

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