Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Tuesday 9th February

Peter returned at the weekend a taking a tour to the far East and thereafter spending sometime with his son and family in New Zealand.... Back here on Sunday, Peter had a new garden tick for his list at Bruichladdich, a male Hen Harrier flew over his garden. there were a couple of Fulmars out flying along the crag here at home yesterday morning, and possibly the same 2 were out again this morning! The Lapwing flock totalled 35 this morning, out towards the War graves, coming out of Bowmore at Gartmain there were over 70 Lapwing dipping their feet on the tide line early afternoon, not often that one sees them in the sea water! late afternoon, a quick run round Loch Gorm produced some Greenland Whitefronts at Coull, Ballinaby and over at Carnduncan. At Carnduncan, there was one with a neck collar on, but we could not make it out... Also mixed with these groups were a few Barnies. At Sunderland, there were Whitefronts on one side of the road while there were 15 Greylags on the other side of the road!

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