Monday, 15 February 2016

Monday 15th February

James yesterday had seen 7 Grey Plovers at Gruinart. Yesterday morning, I saw 5 Whoopers fly in from the sea, and than late afternoon, 8 flew back out from the Loch Gorm area. Mandy had been up at Sanaigmore and had 3 Turnstone and 20 Oystercatchers. The Rochdale birders had seen 80 Sanderling at the "lobster ponds" at Ardnave, the largest group of them, that they have ever seen on Islay! They also saw a Golden Eagle close to Storakaig, a Kingfisher at Loch Skerrols, a female Sparrowhawk at Coullabus with a flock of over 300 Golden Plovers along the flats at Gruinart. A bit overcast here this evening, so Tim Peake & Co will just have to pass over and not be seen on the ISS

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