Friday, 19 February 2016

Friday 19th February

The Rochdale birders yesterday got the monkey of their back and saw 5 Hen Harriers, their first this week. Over at Storakaig, they had a male and a ringtail, later on they saw  a male bird on the reserve at Gruinart and then up the East side of Loch Gruinart, another 2 were seen with the ringtail carrying some prey in its' talons. Also there, a female Sparrowhawk flew from Crois Mhor across Loch Gruinart towards Kilnave Chapel, causing havoc amongst the resting waders...Also yesterday, Tom Garner had a Peregrine behind Machir Bay and also a Dipper on the Sorn at Bridgend. Peter had been down at the hide at Gruinart with Tim Cleeves where they saw 3 Greenshank. Forgot to mention last night that 7 Fulmars were along the front of the crag, possibly the reason why it is windy outside as I write this entry... Ashley and his team from Oriole birding had  been out and about with their highlights included 2 L T Ducks and a Glaucous Gull off Uiskentuie, 8 Purple Sandpipers at Bruichladdich, the "Glen road" produced 2 Golden Eagles, on the Oa another 2 Goldies, a flock of around over 30 Twite while finally out towards Ardtalla, a Peregrine, 2 more Goldies as well as 21 Yellowhammers.

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