Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Wednesday 10th December

Well if you logged on to find some new bird sightings, well I am sorry to say there is not a lot to report due the lousy weather which we have had today, certainly not a day for going outside unless you were prepared to walk about at a funny angle. Because of the wind, which reached 77 mph over at the airport, we only got 71 mph at 10.50 this morning on Mike's weather station along the road, bird watching news was minimal... Ed had seen some Barnies trying to fly over Loch Indaal from Laggan Point to Port Charlotte, well a bit like the Jura ferry in the sense they "crabbed" their way over, rather flying in a straight line! Only other piece of news that I have changed my e mail address again, but beware the number 14 refers to this year, not my date of birth, let alone my age, so if you need to get in touch, it is all up on the link top right! By the way no ferries nor any planes so no post or papers, and no doubt panic buying in the food lines in the Co-op in Bowmore, the morning boats are already cancelled, but the midday ferry sailing will be reviewed midday...

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