Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Hogmany , 31st December

Well that is another year almost in, only a few hours to go, although some of our readers/ followers may well be in 2015 already, have a great time wherever you are!!! Many thanks to visitors and also from the many other contributors who send in their sightings to me for using on the blog. The other day, James had been over on Jura where he saw a White tailed Sea Eagle and also 3 Otters while over there! There were 16 Goldfinches in on the nyjer seed today at home, word gets around and they are not long in coming back! Down at "smelly corner" there were a few Shelducks , while over at Gartmain, Wigeon, some Mallard were seen while coming back at Blackrock there was a raft of Scaup, close inshore.

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