Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Tuesday 30th December

The other day, George saw a White tailed Sea Eagle down at "smelly corner". Today Bob had been on Bolsay Moor up behind Port Charlotte where he saw 2 Red Grouse and a Golden Eagle overhead. On his way off Bolsay Moor, he spotted another Eagle, although Bob thought there was a fair chance that it was the same bird. Bob sent some images through for the blog, but for some reason I could not download them, sorry folks! Today at home a couple of Buzzards were overhead, calling away. The birds were not wasting much time in clearing the food that was put out for them, a possible sign of a change in the weather... Looking out to the sea late morning a large Oil rig was being pulled by a tug taking it down to Belfast... another piece of useless information is that the plane this morning came from Prestwick, rather than from Glasgow!!!

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