Monday 6 October 2014

Monday 6th October

Emily has been seeing a Tawny Owl regularly close the where she lives at Gruinart. Back On Friday evening, she saw a Barn Owl along the flats at Gruinart. She also saw a hen Peregrine mob a Buzzard, and yesterday a ringtail Hen Harrier struggling to fly into a head wind! Visitor, Teresa Morris yesterday had seen a Snow Bunting up at Ardnave. It appeared rather tired, rather hungry and preened itself for some time. For some great images of it check out Teresa's blog on Paul Graham had a Kestrel on the high road close to the water works. On the Golf course, Paul had a juv. White tailed Sea Eagle as it followed the shoreline, while he had a Peregrine over the actual course. The birds made up for a poor day with the clubs!!! Carl yesterday had a female Merlin chasing a Meadow Pipit at Port Charlotte, at An Torran, 6 Snipe were seen, on the dunes behind Machir Bay a flock of Twite was present and finally down at Octomore, 2 Swallows were seen. Through the night we had quite a blow, but not much damage done a far as I know. Bob today had a Willow Warbler in his garden, 42 Lapwing flying south and 2 groups of Whoopers heading out to Ireland, 59 in all. At Gruinart, Emily had counted 81 Whoopers in total. Amongst the Barnies were 2 Pale bellied Brent and 9 Whitefronts. Dave today had 21 Whoopers down on the Oa, 2 Goldcrests, Blackcap, Chiffchaff, 4 Hen Harriers, 5 Buzzards and a Sparrowhawk.Today Paul G had some Barnies on Loch Indaal. Here at home we spotted 25 Whoopers fly directly over the house late afternoon. Earlier on James and Mary had seen 33 Whoopers at Gruinart and a further 20 at Loch Gorm. Certainly been a great day for Whoopers! This evening, there was a small thunderstorm, something that we do not really have here that often!

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