Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Wednesday 9th of July

Another glorious day out here on the west, what a beautiful sunset there was last night, not that I am complaining, wonder how the Distilleries are faring, are they running short of water? For those of you who follow the blog, some of you might notice a small change in the list of contributors, Michal has headed back to the mainland after doing a contract survey on our Chough population. Michal has contributed some of his images over the years, be it sightings or images. He heads away after another stint here on Islay, rumour has it that he does not like our winters, another reason possibly why he spent 3 winters out in the Seychelles on various projects. Wally from Lincs was quick to "spot the deliberate error" last night as I had put my new e mail address and Wally got no response as I had entered the wrong address. Over and above that computer is not liking the move, as e mails are awol.... Out over the crag this afternoon the Ravens were out and later some of the remaining Fulmars were out on the thermals. The Choughs were out doing their acrobatics too..

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Armin said...

Ian, you might have to check your settings at Hotmail. It looks like it redirects the mail to your old islaycottages address, which of course doesn't work any more.

When I send a mail to the address it tells me it can't deliver to