Saturday, 12 July 2014

Saturday 12th July

Rather a dreich day over here, I suppose it had to come sometime, the mist has come and gone several times today with the plane managing to come in through one of the slots, no sign of Ireland let alone Mull today! Emily earlier on this week, when on the walk on the Oa had good sightings with a Peregrine close at hand beside the carpark, later on Golden Eagles and then a couple of Kestrel as well as the 10 Swifts over the Bay field on the reserve. Yesterday here at home out in the garden, there were 14 Song Thrushes probing around for worms, down on the reedbed below the crag, a Sedge Warbler was reeling away and early evening there were 16 Chough out doing their acrobatic routine and calling away at the same time.

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