Friday, 25 July 2014

Friday 25th July

Forgot to mention last night that Tim and Janice had heard a Corncrake out from Bridgend woods, and later on through their stay, another down at Claddach, Portnahaven. Yesterday on the guided walk at Gruinart, Emily saw a Barn Owl, earlier on Mandy had seen an Osprey up at Ardnave with the vols spotting a a male Hen Harrier down at the "old Hide" and a wee while later on 2 Whooper swans were seen there too.... This afternoon up the top of the crag, there was a young Buzzard watching all that was going on, probably the same one that I saw the other day. This evening the was mixed flock of over 44 Chough and Jackdaw, at least over 30 Chough, but hard to get an exact count as they duck and dive while in flight!

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