Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Tuesday 17th June

Thanks to James for writing Monday's entry for me, see these computers, too clever, or is it just me that is getting too old and cannot understand how they "work". Before I forget, as I logged on tonight I noticed that we have had 333,667 page views since starting up back in May 2007, wonder who logged on to be 333,666??? Mary yesterday had seen a Swift down over Currie Sands down at Portnahaven, and in the evening her sister had a male Hen Harrier up behind Claddach. Today on the guided walk down on the Oa, Emily had an Osprey as well as a Golden Eagle and then a Kestrel, not bad considering there was a haar in and limiting visibilty... Carl and Sue, visitors from Leicester had a flock of 21 Chough down close to Machir Bay this morning, a great site to see.

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