Thursday, 12 June 2014

Thursday 12th June

A bit of a short entry this evening, been one of those days, our house should have a revolving door to let me in and out.... Yesterday Emily had a count of over 90 Marsh Frits on the reserve at Gruinart, a large number by all accounts! Michal happened to say the other day that he has been seeing more Marsh Frits about this year...Today, James, Dave and Izzy from RSPB with Morvern from SNH carried out a Sea bird survey from the sea down the West of Colonsay along with a group of "vols" to help out. Fortunately, the weather was a lot kinder to us all than it was on Tuesday down on the Oa. The tallies are not to hand yet, but when they do come through I will put them on the blog, but as with Tuesday's figures, the tally for today appears to be down on previous years. Apart from the usual suspects, we had a Puffin and also 2 Storm Petrels.

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