Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sunday 8th June

A day with some dirty showers mixed through it, but before the weather "broke down" I was out with Bob and Martin carrying out a BTO waterbird survey. This entailed us walking alongside the River Sorn from The Woolen Mill down to where the river enters the estuary at the top of Loch Indaal, a walk of around 2 miles or thereabouts. The highlight for sure was when 2 Jackdaws were heard calling away in distress, they then came into view in pursuit of a Buzzard which deftly dropped down onto one the "footbridges" across the water and picked up a Stoat in its talons. But almost immediately, it dropped the Stoat, whether it was nipped by the actual Stoat or whether the Jackdaws caused it to be dropped we are not sure. A few moments later the Stoat was up on the footbridge again as if nothing had happened... A Corncrake was heard, 2 Dippers seen at 2 different points, a Grey Wagtail down close to the mouth of the Sorn. We had a great time with all the usual birds seen and heard, the Great Tits had their brood out and just below the weir at Bridgend, a Mallard had her 5 ducklings out for a paddle. We also saw a Daubenton's bat hawking for insects over a shady part of the river. Here at home this afternoon, the Goldfinches had their youngsters on display and later on a hen Pheasant out with her brood. The Ravens up on the crag had her brood of 4 young out parading the sky.

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