Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Tuesday 15th April

Another good day here, there might have been a wee edge to the air, but by the sound of the forecast,tomorrow is not looking too clever with rain here by midday! On Sunday, Mary Merrall had a Common Sandpiper down at Claddach at Portnahaven. George had 2 Golden Eagles up the back of Carrabus at the tail end of last week, possibly the same birds that Mary had seen there around the same time. Today, George had a Willow Warbler today down at his house at Bruichladdich. Bob, yesterday had noticed more Willow Warblers around with a Merlin up on Bolsay Moor. Down at Knockdon on a field being ploughed Bob counted 64 Lbb gulls, 120 Herring Gulls, 36 Common Gulls and 16 Black headed gulls. Today "Solo" from Dumfries had walked from Saligo round Coull Point to Machir Bay, his birds included a group of 3 Swallows, several pairs of Fulmars on the cliffs on thier nest sites, 2 Wheatear, pr of Chough, on Machir Bay iteslf, 6 Sanderling and 2 Turnstone were seen. The Beardsen Birders had seen a Swallow at Kilchoman, 1 Wheatear at Ardnave, over the reserve at Gruinart, a pr of Hen Harriers and then at Rock Mountain a further male Hen Harrier was present. This evening they saw 5 Hares while going over to Saligo from Kilchoman and then 2 Roe Deer at Rock Mountain. Armin and "London Dave on their way to their walk today over from Port Ellen had sen a Kestrel being mobbed by 2 crows on the high road, coming home the same road 2 Hen Harriers were seen.

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