Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sunday 6th April

A funny old day over today with squally showers coming out of nowhere, on the postive side of things, here at home we had a Bumblebee out, and there had been one yesterday as well, but I forgot to mention it last night...onto to birds, and there were 2 Greenfinches on the nut feeders this morning! The Fulmars are still here, so yes, posibly they are here at the nest sites, keep tuned for further info! Peter Roberts had a count of 50 Sand Martins out in front of the old hide at Gruinart. Along the road, up close to Garra Eallabus, a female Sparrowhawk was out on the wing skimming along, a mere 6 inches above the ground between some brambles and the gorse bushes there. On Ardnave Loch, there were 15 Tufted Duck and also 3 female Goldeneye present. The Dumfries birders, now down to one, so it should be a singular "birder" had seen a male and 2 female Goldeneye in Bowmore Harbour this morning and then a pr of Ravens up above Kilchiaran this afternoon.

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