Sunday, 20 April 2014

Sunday 20th April

Words fail me, another glorious day, not like some parts of the country...Yesterday Michal heard a Blackcap singing when he was over at Kilchoman, later on as we walked up to Shepherd's cottage there was a happening in the rough grass, 2 Crows must have had a dispute with a Kestrel as we just saw the end of it as they all took off, still ducking and diving! Armin, back on Friday along with the group of walkers on the "walkislay" walk on the Sound of Islay had met in with the group from St Andrews who were catching a tagging Seals as part of the survey into the tidal array to be sited there soon. A late entry too, through from Ken and Karen who had a Treecreeper while out walking from Ballygrant earlier this week on Wednesday. Yesterday Carl Reavey had a Swallow at Wester Ellister and a several more at Octofad where there was a Wheatear too. At Easter Ellister, a Mistle Thrush was seen and back over Port Charlotte, several skeins of Barnies were seen flying high, North westerly, possibly heading away...The Rochdale birders are over for another "Islay fix". They had seen 2 Purple Sandpipers at Bruichladdich, heard a Cuckoo at Gearach, saw a female Merlin close to Claddach and also a male and a female Hen Harrier at different places on their way round the Rhinns. A visitor over for the week from mainland Argyll had seen a Thayers/ Kumlien Gull down Bruichladdich today, on Loch Indaal a tight group of 52 GND with another 10 seen individually there too and also a raft of 30 Common Scoter. Up at Gruinart he had a total of 18 White Wagtail, the Ruff is still present as well as 4 Dunlin. Before leaving Kennacraig, he had seen a Whimbrel yesterday.

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