Thursday 13 March 2014

Thurdsay 13th March

Knew it, this wee spell of weather was too good to be true, as we are back to this miserable dreich weather yet again, the plane came over this morning and shortly afterwards the mist came, so much so I could not see the crag this afternoon, worse still, the plane this evening was cancelled... Yesterday visiting Birders, Bob Swann from Tain along with Al McNee from Inverness had a male Wheatear at Ardnave. This morning James had a Peregrine over at the reserve at Gruinart, and at Saligo we had a male Wheatear and further along the road on a fence post was a male Stonechat, all before the mist came! Ian Bennell from Watford who headed home yesterday had seen a Canada Goose, hutchinsii sp over at Eorrabus while back at Gruinart he had a count of over 100 Barwits and 300 Golden Plover, all on Tuesday. Thanks Ian for sharing your sightings.

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