Monday, 31 March 2014

Monday 31st March

A small correction through from John and Kenny, their tally for the week broke though the 100 species, with Purple Sandpiper added at Bruichladdich and Whooper Swan and Reed Bunting at Gruinart, so their tally ended up at 102! Returning visitor Peter from Sunderland had seen the Ring necked Duck and the RTD in summer plumage on Loch Ballygrant, in the trees there, Chiffchaff and Treecreeper were seen while over at Finlaggan a Golden Eagle was present. Emily returned today to lead the walks at RSPB through the summer. At Gruinart, Emily had White tailed Sea Eagle at Gruinart, and then a Golden Eagle. Other returning visitors from the South had seen a Wheatear down behind Machir Bay with another on the road between Coullabus and Carnain. Below Corsapol they had a flock of around 150 Twite. After Ardbeg they saw 2 R B Merganser and then a Chiffchaff as they drove further on. One of the Dumfries birders had a good walk round Ardnave seeing several Wheatear there and also a Chiffchaff fly along the road in front of him as he went there. His friend had gone over to The Sound of Islay seeing a female Merlin, a Peregrine, Kestrel, Golden Eagle, and on the Sound itself, 2 RB Merganser and also 3 GND. He also had seen plenty of Ravens around, and coming back this afternoon, "smelly corner" held some Shelduck. A great day with many different birds seen around Islay!

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