Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Wednesday 3rd July

Here at home this morning there was a "train" or a "clattering" of around 50 Jackdaws round the base of the bird table! Bob had been driving along the "flats" at Gruinart today, a Peregrine took off from the road carrying a Jackdaw in its' talons, only to land in one of the trees at the farm steading and continue to devour the said Jackdaw. Carl had a Kestrel out towards Craigfad today, he was also saying that the GND which has been hanging around in the bay at Port Charlotte has moved on. Along at Carnain, there was a single Dunlin and at Uiskentuie a family on 4 Chough were present. This evening, as I put the wheely bins up to the top of the hill, our local Chough family of only 3  flew in, noisy and nosey as ever, great to see all the same! 

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