Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Wednesday 31st July

Another month almost in, and by the looks of things, another dry month. Having said that, any rain we have had has always come at the right time and surprisingly enough there appears to be little signs of grass being "burnt" off due to a lack of water, although one of  the Distilleries did admit that their supply was as good as dry, and was going to shutting production down for a couple of weeks for annual boiler maintainence....By the way it has started to rain here now and according to the weather, it is going to wet tomorrow, will find some inside jobs to do... Bob had a Sparrowhawk swoop through his garden after I dropped him off last night after the Bird nerds meeting. Here at home the Swallow that had laid a late clutch of eggs, well they all hatched and fledged with another clutch now laid. The young Swallows certainly do not waste any time in moving away from the nest!

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