Tuesday 27 November 2012

Tuesday 27th November

Yesterday the figures came through for the goose count carried out earlier this month on the 13th and 14th, the scores on the doors were 52,964 Barnies and 5,259 Whitefronts. Not sure if these figures are up or down but will let you know once I find out. Thanks to SNH for these figures. I also heard that there was a "goose strike" with our service plane at the end of last week, on Friday I believe. The return flight back to Glasgow had to be cancelled until it was checked over.. the plane was checked not the poor goose!!!  Coming home at the darkening this evening, there was a Barn Owl just seen at the edge of the car lights down towards Sunderland. Earlier on, on our way out, we had a single Buzzard, then another 2 Buzzards within 200 yards or so, as well as a Kestrel on the telegraph pole at the side of the road, just before Len's cottage where the peat stacks are down close to Sunderland. Along at McNichol's croft, there were 2 Red Deer Stags just over the dyke with a further 2 Roe Deer just along the road. 

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